New and Improved

Wow! A new site design?

By now if you are a regular visitor to our site you have noticed that our design is completely new. If this is your first visit we are confident that you will find navigating our site easy and intuitive. So what's new on our site? Here are a few of our newest design changes:

  1. All galleries have been drastically updated with newer image samples. We are still adding images for you to see but the current images have replaced many out-dated photos.
  2. Our new site is compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  3. Our Responsive Design adjusts to your screen resolution or viewing device.
  4. Our shopping cart is now a fully integrated system within our site making your purchasing experience more streamlined and enjoyable.
  5. We now offer Services, Products and Downloads. From time-to-time we will offer products such as used camera-gear on our site. Yea - sorta like our own Garage Sale! :)
  6. We now have a Proofing System for you to approve products such as designs, albums, ads, etc.
  7. Are you a Social Butterfly? Wanna share one of our (allowed) photos on your social network? We now offer Social sharing options on many of our galleries and photos.

These are just some of the design changes to our website. We hope that you have a positive experience when viewing and purchasing from our site. If you have difficulty or find that we need to improve any area of our site please let us know. We will continue to update our site as we go along.

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